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Quotes Everyone who gets tattoos, has personal reasons. Mine are reminders - sayings and phrases I want to use as guiding principles in my life. As such, it's very important to me that they truly say what I intend them to say. Quotes
Phil P
Tattoo fan

Quotes I hired John to translate a religious phrase that I wanted to incorporate into a tattoo in remembrance of my mom. Being a tattoo I had to be sure that the wording used reflected what I wanted to say. I must say that John's response was very quick and he gave a full explanation of the wording and grammar used. Thank you. Quotes
Rob Graham
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I hired John to complete some Latin translation work on Christmas day, and the work was completed with a final and alternative translations one day later. John was very prompt, and very polite. Very pleasant to work with, with a reasonable price point. Without a doubt I will be returning to this website for my future translation needs. Quotes
Another Satisfied Customer

Quotes I am writing to acknowledge your excellence in teaching the students of Magnussen School. In the previous two years, you have successfully introduced our kindergarten through ninth grade students to Latin language, Greek mythology, and ancient Roman history and culture. Your lectures captivated our students with visually stimulating imagery coupled with exciting oral history. Our students were motivated by this exposure. Many went beyond the classroom to learn more about ancient mythology. Students enjoyed your multisensory curriculum. Your efforts and the quality of your lecture content are invaluable to me as an educator and administrator. Thank you again for your commitment to the education of our students. I look forward to calling upon you to share your knowledge and expertise with our students in the coming years Quotes
Roger Brunson
Vice Principal, Magnusson School

Quotes April 7, 2011 Dr. John C. Aveline was hired in September 2008 to instruct our Latin and Ancient Greek tutorial course (non-credit) for international students from Italy and Germany. Dr. Aveline not only teaches the course, but also created the outline, teaching materials, and evaluation process and continues to adapt the course to meet our student?s needs. Dr. Aveline has been a pleasure to work with, reliable, and extremely competent. We have received excellent feedback from our students and his class continues to grow. If you have any questions about Dr. Aveline?s course, feel free to contact me at 604-664-8505. Sincerely, Angela Ferraro Manager ? International Education Burnaby School District Quotes
Angela Ferraro
Manager - International Education

Quotes Thank you so much for giving us some of your time!!! I really liked to come to your Latin classes, and I really want to thank you for all the information that you gave us about the different personalities etc.... and all the explanations which made Latin much clearer and more interesting than in Italy! Again......Thank you!!!! Quotes
Astrid Mora
International Student

Quotes I contacted John because I wanted a phrase translated into Latin for a tattoo that I'd been planning. Online translation generators are valuable for providing the gist of a word or phrase but the gist is not always sufficient. I knew that for a tattoo I didn't want to take the chance of getting it wrong, so I looked for help. The big translation sites I looked at offered fee-for-service translation as well, but I found their forms somewhat intimidating and I wasn't sure if I'd end up with what I wanted. I thought I'd keep looking. When I found John, I was impressed with his credentials, his helpful manner, and his quick responses. He gave me several different translation suggestions to choose from, and stayed in contact with me via email until I had exactly what I wanted. I trust now that I haven't permanently inked myself with gibberish, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John's translation services. Quotes
Karen Boileau
Satisfied customer

Quotes I needed a translation from Latin into English of the introduction to David Don's 1825 book on the plants of Nepal - the first Flora of this amazing country - but my basic Latin skills fell well short, so I needed help. Internet searches pulled up a few companies offering Latin translation services, but with with dramatic price differences and lamentable automatic responses! Fortunately John's 'Latin Four You' website was in the bunch and he gave by far the best feedback and suggestion on the sample text that I sent, and his pricing offered great value for money. I am delighted that within a just a few days John translated the whole thing, with scholarly comments on alternative interpretations and queries on some of the more obscure scientific terms. I am certainly a very satisfied customer and I have no hesitation in recommending John to anyone. As much of the early scientific literature on plants was written in Latin I will be passing on his details to my botanical colleagues. Quotes
Dr Mark Watson
Research Scientist, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Quotes A while back I had a tattoo appt and had planned on adding some Latin. I realized the ridiculousness of using Google translate, which often is nothing more than disjointed words and contacted a couple of latin translators. My tattooist is very much in demand with a waiting list of several months. As it got closer I hadn't heard from any of the translators I had contacted. The day before and in a panic I found Dr John Aveline and LatinforYou and sent him a description of what I needed. I heard back from him that evening with a couple of options of how to say it and descriptions as to how to use them. It was perfect, not to mention, right on time and most reasonably priced. He not only saved me, but gave me the knowledge of how best to display what it was I was trying to say and with the confidence of not having a bunch of jibberish permanently inked on my body. I'm fairly tatted up and he is definitely my Go To Guy for Latin! Quotes
Dennis A
My apologies but...potius sero quam numquam

Quotes Much of the repertoire performed by my women's ensemble comes from the medieval period and often we are at a loss for a good/accurate translation. John took a relatively obscure 12th c. text and within 24 hours we had a program worthy translation. Thanks! Quotes
Dana Taylor
Choral Conductor