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Burnaby Latin Students Honour Role

The Latin programme for International Students in the Burnaby School District is still relatively new - only 4 years.  And yet in that short time students have achieved some very impressive results in open competition.

2014: This year our students won 1 gold and two silver - a great result for the three we attempted the level III National Latin Exam.

Sylvia Notermans achieved a Summa Cum Laude Gold Medal.

Giulia di Carli and Giuseppe Cancian each achieved a Maxima Cum Laude Silver

2013: We've got 2 top results in two separate contests from two different students.

Francesco Albe achieved a Summa Cum Laude Gold Medal in the Level 3 National Latin Exam.

Pietro Lavoni finished 3rd in the Classical Association of Canada's High School Latin Test.  That's 3rd out of 110 across the country!

2012: The International students in struck gold in the 2012 National Latin Exam.  Nine students attempted one of the toughest Level 3 exams in some years and four achieved a Summa Cum Laude Gold Medal!

Congratulations to Gold Medalists: Pierandrea Cancian, Giovanna Magli, Cecilia Marchiorello & Francesco Tramballi.

Congratulations also go to Silver Medalists: Valeria Naimzada & Valeria Ricci and Alessandra Kroglowski & Julian Ernst for achieving an award of merit.

Pictured from left to right are Jonas Leonhard, Julian Ernst, Valeria Naimzada, Pierandrea Cancian, Valeria Ricci, Francesco Tramballi, Giovanna Magli & Alessandra Kroglowski (absent was Cecilia Marchiorello)

2011: Valentina Beux won 1st place in the Classical Association of Canada's High School Latin Translation Contest. This is a contest open to all high school Latin students across Canada. Valentina had the added challenge of converting the Latin into English, which is not her native language! Optimam victoriam, Valentina!

Latin for International Students

The following texts have been compiled for the International Students who are studying Latin while they attend school in Burnaby, B.C.  The material has been chosen to cover the major authors/works as well as some fun and unusual tidbits.  It is also hoped that material is both instructive and engaging.  Click here to access a copy of the Esential Latin Authors (5th edition).