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Successful Projects

The following is sampling either of successfully completed projects.

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Perhaps the most pressure we've ever faced on a project was this tattoo.  After all, it's her skin and our reputation on the line.  So we made sure we did it right the first time - no second chances here!  The person who wanted the Latin translation said she was very happy to spend the money to guarantee the Latin would be correct and can you blame her?  This little translation will be around for decades and will be with her wherever she goes.

Here are a few more examples of our work advising and translating for tattoos.

Burnaby School Board, District 41 - International Education - Canadian National Latin Contest


One of our students, Valentina Beux became the  first student from the Burnaby School District to win the Classical Association of Canada's High School Latin translation contest.  Before Valentina, no one had received so much as an honourable mention.  She put Burnaby on the map with a first place finish - and that means first in the country!  Well done Valentina!

Here is a copy of her certificate:

Burnaby School Board, District 41 - International Education - National Latin Exam


On a number of occasions Latin students at Burnaby have done well in the National Latin Exam.  This exam is actually written by students throughout the world and currently has about 150,000 participants.  We have had a number achieve a Gold Medal result.  The medal looks something like this: