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Shared Tattoos

Some of you have been so good as to allow me to share your "ink-work" with our visitors.  Others have offered photos to post.  This page is to recognize all those who "got it right".  I was not involved in all of these tattoos, but then I'm not the only Latinist on the planet (and thank goodness, because I feel lonely enough as it is!).  And so, without further ado, the good ones - Enjoy!

Memento Mori

This was person did not need my help to spell out Memento Mori (be mindful of death; remember that you will die; remember that you are mortal).  Since the owner of this tattoo provided with views of both sides of her artwork to provide the full picture, I am doing the same.

Let It Melt
This is one of my first commissions - an expression not often encountered in ancient Rome.  When this individual shared their art with me, I was startled by the size and retro-actively stressed by my need to have it exactly correct.  Thank goodness the tattoo artist copied the text accurately!!

Be Yourself, Know Yourself, Love Yourself

I really like how the text flows naturally from one phrase to the next, creating a physical as well as emotional flow.